How North Korea’s Economy Survive Against Sanction

This past couple of month U.S. and North Korea entangle with a deadlock of war of words. As North Korea, the isolationist nation test-fired missile which flies over Japan before crashing into the Pacific Ocean. This year alone 2017 until this article is written there has been 15 missile tests. It sparked international outrage resulted to call for much tougher sanction than ever. But why North Korea Economy survive dispute massive effort against it to destabilized it's economy?

Dynasties in Politics: The Culture of Inequality of Philippine Politics

Three decades after the ratification (February 2, 1987) of 1987 constitution. Political Dynasty has been a norm in the Philippine political scene. Even though it is prohibited by the constitution the political families to have two or more members is elected for the government position are still increasing decades later. So what does it imply? What is the effect of having a political dynasty in a democratic republic? And how could it be ended if not limit?

Most Memorable Anime Song in Philippine TV History

I grow up watching anime on television since I was a little boy. 90's and early 2000's was the golden era of anime in Philippine TV, during this time we even got a primetime slot after newscast of anime dose. I remember that from mornings to afternoons, networks showed your favorite anime, which include Zoids, Dragon Balls, Master of Mosquiton, Monster Rancher, Lupin III and many others. After school going traits home was a daily routine for me just to be able to watch afternoon anime.