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Home based business is one of the most stable business in this recession. There are many types of   business such as MLM, affiliate marketing, network marketing, bloggers, webmasters and many more. Web creation is an art in itself. It is the best home based business ever. Thousands of websites are coming live everyday.

It isn’t easy to build a website. There are some coding and designing knowledge required. Some software such as Dreamweaver and Coffecup allow you to create a website with less coding required but you still need to know a lot of stuffs and on top of that it costs a lot.

These programs are really powerful but takes time to get used with. Due to financial situation or lack of programming knowledge, some beginners don’t even build their sites. But the good news is that there are some platforms let you build a website for free. There are many of them, but not all of them are good.

Yola is the best platform to build a website for free. Their system is so well designed that a 12 years old kid can easily create a site. First of all it’s free, which is the best part. Secondly it has all the necessary functions to build any kind of websites. All you need to do is drag and drop.

The platforms already comes with some prebuilt templates you can choose from. They have over 20 templates available to create free websites instantly. Adding navigation bar is a matter of click. You can practically add anything you were able to in a normal web building software.

The only difference is, in a normal web builder, you would need to code many things by yourself. But in Yola, everything is pre-coded. You can add flash contents from their listings or you can even add your own flash contents if you have already coded it. A lot of people find it the best website maker.

It is really the best website maker since it provides its users with hosting solution as well. And that is completely free of cost. They got the best website host. It provides unlimited space and bandwidth, so the number of contents would never be limited.

Most of the free website maker has limitation on the number of pages and spaces. But they are the only one who do not put any limitation on that.

All you need to do is use their drag and drop option which allows you to create free websites instantly. It’s that simple. No coding, no designing, no multiple software usage. No need to worry if the site will work in all the browsers. The platform does it itself.

The only thing they don’t provide is the domain name. But they do provide you wit ha sub-domain meaning your web address would look like yourkeyword.yola.com. It does make your credibility pretty low if you have other’s domain after yours. But the service also offers its users to buy their own domain name which costs 14$/year.

The price is pretty cheap comapre to its service. The same service costs over thousands dollars with other companies. Yola is the best free website maker.

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